DrumKat 3.5

Complete Solutions and Systems for the Electronic Drummer and Percussionist


All just for Rp 8.000.000,-

Kat DrumKAT 3.5

10-Pad, MIDI Drum/Percussion Controller Not many felines are pound-ready, but these Kats are! The legendary DrumKAT allows excellent MIDI control in a compact, playable package. Take 10 trigger pads that work with all MIDI drum machines and sound sources and see if that soothes your rhythmically roaming soul. Create setups or use the pre-programmed kits to get up and running fast. It's also a great companion to any of E-MU's great samplers. The DrumKAT rock

The legendary drumKAT allows the user to stack up to 8 notes on the same pad, and create chords and melody lines in one simple step with melodic modes. The operating system is powerful, full featured and intuitive. The drumKAT offers the most advanced software with the greatest power of expression and programmability for the needs of the professional or casual user. Features true FSR technology.

Y? Because it rocks!

Size:17.25" x 11.75" x 2.5"
Weight:10 lbs
Pad Surfaces:10
Trigger Inputs:9
MIDI Inputs:2
Controller Input:1
MIDI Outputs:4 (2 Independent Pairs)
Click Out:1
Pad Training:Individual
Display:4 x 16 (Backlit)
MIDI Channels:32
Footswitch Inputs:4
Special Hi Hat Modes:4 Independent, 9 Note Hatnote, Controller
User Kits:30
Factory Kits:4
Program Change per Kit:6
Notes per Pad:Up to 8
Breath Control Input:1
Modes of Play:Simple, Complex, Melodic, Control
Includes:Tap Tempo Generator, Link Mode, MIDI Clock, MIDI Mapping, Pressure Controller

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